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Upload / Download Artwork

The guidelines for acceptable artwork files listed below for your promotional products are just that – guidelines. If you are uncertain if your file is in an acceptable format, please contact PromoLink Canada at, or call 780.460.6080.


Uploaded artwork should be from a graphic design software such as Illustrator, as these files have the information that the producers need for print purposes. The most common file endings are .ai, .eps or .pdf (if originally created in Illustrator).


Digital photos such as jpegs are acceptable only if your product requires a jpeg (as specified by Promolink Canada) and must be high resolution images. Most images taken from a digital camera are high resolution. Images that are NOT high resolution are typically images taken from a website or those that have been compressed to be smaller than their original size. Please note – jpegs are not acceptable for logos or brand information.


As artwork can be supplied in a variety of formats, we have grouped our artwork recommendations under three categories: BEST, ACCEPTABLE and NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Best File Format

The most acceptable files have been created in a graphic design program such as Illustrator (.ai or .eps file). This is because the file will print properly and can be made larger or smaller if needed. (Please note: most suppliers WILL NOT have your font, so your files need to have the font outlined. An “outlined font” allows the printer to work with your file without needing to have the font). In some cases, the printer may request the actual font.

Acceptable File Formats

  • .pdf (created in Illustrator but saved as a .pdf) The fonts must be outlined or sent with the file.
  • .psd (created in Photoshop) Fonts must be sent with the file. File must be in CMYK not RGB.
  • .cdr (created in Corel) The fonts must be made into curves or sent with the file.

Non Acceptable File Formats

These types of programs do not create print-ready files and ARE NOT acceptable:

  • Microsoft Word, Corel Word Perfect:
    applications like Excel and Powerpoint are not graphic applications and cannot be used to generate artwork.
  • Most Digitial Images:
    Web image formats like TIF, PICT, BMP, GIF, and PNG are designed for the computer screen and not for print. They are generally too low in resolution to be usable. Even some Illustrator files (.eps or .ai files) can contain a low resolution images and would thus also fall under this category.
  • Photocopies and Stationary:
    Providing a fax, photocopy, letterhead or business card will require the recreation of your logo to meet industry graphic standards